Our Ethos

Berlin Irish RFC takes its name from the Irish community where it has its roots. Inspired by the ongoing efforts of Setanta Berlin Gaelic Sports Club to increase youth participation in Gaelic games, the rugby club was founded to reproduce their inspiring work with Rugby for both men and women.

Kindness, Generosity and an enthusiasm for our sport are hallmarks of our Coaches and Members and are characteristics we like to share with as many people as possible. Everyone is welcome at our club, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age or ability. We truly believe Rugby is a force for good in our lives, providing outlets for stress, teaching respect and self-belief, improving fitness and providing a rich social life for our members. As such we wish to share this with as many people in Berlin and Germany as possible.

Our Staff

Chairman: Kit Turner

Vice Chairwoman: Zora Böttcher

Treasurer: Lena König

General Secretary: Florian Dercks

Financial Audit: Alessandro Detomaso

Director of Rugby and Women’s Head Coach: Kit Turner

Youth Development Officer: Seb Nieveler

Men’s Head Coach: Seb Nieveler

Women’s Manager: Julia Assmann

Club and Men's Captain: Simon Viehoff

Women's Captain: Zora Böttcher

Men’s Vice-Captains: Diego Verbrugghe & Tom Probert

Cultural Secretary: Eleonora Lorenzetti

Press and Media Officer: Florian Dercks

Equipment Manager: Jenn Hiß

Chief Medical Officer: Nele Börner

Marketing Officer: Unoccupied

Our Goals

Berlin Irish RFC was founded with the goal of reducing the barriers to rugby participation in Germany for all age groups regardless of gender. To acheive this a number of key goals have been identified:

1. Training of Coaches

2. Access to appropriate Sporting Facilities

3. Networking with other Rugby Clubs and Groups