First Berlin Beach Rugby Tournament

What started as a dream at the end of 2017 was to end in a big, sandy success after eight months of preparation. On 11.08.2018 the time had finally arrived. The first Berlin Beach Rugby Tournament kicked off. Participating were 8 men's teams from the Greater Berlin area, 3 mixed women's teams, a total of approximately 100 participants and 30 spectators.

Update: we already confirmed the date for the 2019 edition: August 10th. Please check the Facebook event for details!


For all participating teams it was a real endurance test in the middle of pre-season training, since after the first matches at the most all players realized how strenuous the permanent running in the sand is. In addition, the relatively small beach rugby courts ensured that contact followed contact without leaving any time to breathe. Unlike classic rugby, a beach rugby pitch measures 25×30 m only. Furthermore, there are only five players on each side, facing each other for two five-minute half times.


At the end of the day and after five exhausting games for all teams, the SC Siemensstadt left the field as proud winners after a victory in extra time against the Coepenick Captains. The BSC could boast with their victory in the 3rd half´s boat race and the women's teams of the Berlin Irish RFC and the RU Hohen Neuendorf shared the first place deservedly. Afterwards, the main objective was to finish the day in a happily-humid atmosphere by drinking beer and removing sand from all possible(!) cracks.


On the occasion of our 2nd Club Birthday we are happy to have laid the foundation for a hopefully long tradition with the first Berlin Beach Rugby Tournament. We hope for a steady growth over the next years to continue enjoying this event and this fun variation of our favourite sport.

Special thanks goes to Beachmitte, without whose help this tournament would not have been possible. We are looking forward to the second edition next year!


Final Standings


1. Berlin Irish RFC

1. RU Hohen Neuendorf

3. Beach Barbarians

Player of the Tournament: Nadine Sohr


  1. SC Siemenstadt

  2. Coepenick Captains

  3. RU Hohen Neuendorf

  4. Berliner Sport Club

  5. Berlin Irish RFC

  6. Team Sykes

  7. Berlin Bruisers

  8. RC Trebbin

Player of the Tournament: Toni Al-Nader